Enjoy great business performance with Zummit.
Connect your employees daily activity with purpose, ambitions, customers and teams.
Collaborate to anticipate on the changing needs of your customers.

Connected and Agile

Our world is changing at an increasing speed. To maintain relevance as a company, you need to excel in connections. Connections between your organisation and your customers. Connections between your teams. Connections between each employee and your company purpose. Building and maintaining this connectedness requires new operating principles and practices. Zummit develops Tech (apps)  & Touch (adoption services) to help you operate a Connected Company.


The connected company

A Connected Company, that is our definition for any organization that excells in connectedness.

They operate with a network of highly autonomous teams. They execute their plans very well and achieve their goals. They sense their marketplace in a structural fashion. They identify opportunities for improvement, share ideas and run experiments.

A Connected Company attracts customers and talented employees easily.


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Build a Connected Company™, deliver great performance with engaged employees, achieve ambitions and anticipate on the changing needs over your customers.