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through great teamwork

Afb Meer dan 60 procent

Using Time and Talent

Our world is changing at an increasing speed. To maintain relevance as a company, you need to use all the Time and Talent available.

And there is plenty of room for improvement …

  • More than 60% of Time and Talent remains untapped
  • Only 21% of employees feel motivated by his manager
  • Only 30% feel their job is relevant
  • Not more than 40% is aware of the core values
  • 50%┬áis open to job opportunities in other companies
  • Less than 20% feels his company is responding well to changing needs of customers

The connected company

A Connected Company, that is our definition for any organization that excells in connectedness.

They operate with a network of highly autonomous teams. They execute their plans very well and achieve their goals. They sense their marketplace in a structural fashion. They identify opportunities for improvement, share ideas and run experiments.

A Connected Company attracts customers and talented employees easily.


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Build a Connected Company™, deliver great performance with engaged employees, achieve ambitions and anticipate on the changing needs over your customers.