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Zummit's is the smartest cloud solution to engage teams and achieve your most ambitious company goals.

We are Zummit

Enable your teams to engage – and enjoy great performance – Effortless!

Connect employees with eachother, their goals and the company purpose and goals.

Now everyone can focus on his/her contribution to the whole. Every team member is engaged and finds encouragement.

Forget about complex goalsetting methods. With Zummit, setting and achieving ambitious goals is doable for every employee. The straightforward method, easy-to-use software and rich in-app support features will enable your team to get much more done in less time. At record speed.

This is how you create spirited and highly engaged employees who collaborate to achieve ambitious goals together. Effortless.

Get more done in less time

Build laserfocus

Less than 15% of your key managers knows the most important company goals. On average, only 5% of employees know what is expected of them. Let's fix that now and enjoy great performance! Drive clarity through capturing your purpose, long term goals and KPI's. Focus your teams through short term initiatives. Enable team members to cut through the daily noise with effective task management. Zummit enables every employee to focus on their contribution and helps them get more done in less time.

Engage & Enable

Not more than one third of employees consider themselves engaged. And 50% of them is open to a job offer elsewhere. Not a great basis for a great customer experience. Let's fix this together. It's easy. Zummit provides you all you need to Invite and enable your teams to engage. Drive initiatives that contribute to the company goals. Invite team members to engage. Drive progress through frequent check-ins discussing progress, ideas and request for support. Build a culture of accountability. The Zummit app will be your compass, always up-to-date on where you are, where you want to be and on your next best actions. With the best customer success program in the industry, This is how to bring strategy to life - for every employee - each and every day.

Enjoy great results!

More than 30% of time and talent remains untapped. What a waste! Every employee is longing to make the best possible contribution. All you have to do is to trust and enable them. Drive clarity, ownership and rhythm and enjoy great performance. Engagement soars, customer experience grows, profits grow. Act today, your teams are as ready as ready can be. Many others already deploy Zummit to boost their results. Check their story in the customer cases right below.


Every employee knows exactly where we stand in relation to our goals and what contribution he will make in the coming weeks. Mutual involvement has increased even further. The strong focus on action and progress has substantially and permanently improved our results.

Arjen Hartlief, Manager CAD Services

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