Every Employee Contributes

More than 60% of Time and Talent in growing organizations remains untapped. Shame! Join the winners. Enable your employees to deploy áll their time and talent, boost engagement and get the most ambitious goals done. With Zummit cloud software. And the most committed support team in the industry.

Your customers expect more and more, but your employees feel disconnected

Delivering great customer experiences requires a well connected and highly engaged network of teams

Create Laserfocus

Team members translate organisational goals into short-term initiatives.

Increase Ownership and Accountability

Team members individually agree on their contribution to the initiatives, both in tangibles as in behaviour.

Create a Heartbeat

Frequent dialogues about progress drive results. In highly effective weekly check-ins, team members share progress and ideas. In monthly leadership meetings you discuss progress and set priorities for the upcoming period.

Enjoy Control

Progress is transparant and easily checked. Monitor goals, insights, and other key metrics.

Stay on track

Enjoy the 24/7 support of Sherpa. This smart and friendly online guide answers your questions and helps you to set goals, run effective meetings and to stay "on track".

Drive results

Deploy áll of the available time and talent and get great results. Our customer success team will help you capture the benefits

Great App, Leading Platform, Expert Guidance: we have all the ingredients for your success

Great App

Less than 15% of your managers know the key business objectives. On average, only 5% of employees know what is expected of them. Let's change that! Connect what employees are doing today to company goals. Turn goals into initiatives. Strengthen the culture. Monitor progress. Follow up on ideas. The user-friendly app becomes a navigation system for employees. They can see exactly where they are and where they are going. It's no longer about what we expect from each other, but what we offer each other and how we can help each other. This is how strategy comes alive in everyday life - for everyone.

Leading Platform

The Zummit App runs on Salesforce, the innovative platform of the world's leading cloud software provider. Benefit from unprecedented security features, ease of use, and standard interfaces to software you already use. Employees are always connected. Use the app on your phone, tablet, or laptop. Plus, you do not have to run Salesforce apps to work with Zummit.

Expert Guidance

To achieve ambitious goals together, you need more than just great tools. That is why our Customer Success Team guides you from step one. But there is also a lot you can do yourself with our app. Meet Sherpa, our digital team member. He lives in your app and is always there when you need help. He supports you with advice and examples on how to set goals, initiatives or deadlines and how to run effective team meetings. In addition, he alerts you and gives you suggestions. 24/7, friendly and helpful.

Connect, Engage, Improve - with Zummit

Enable your teams to Engage – and Enjoy Great Performance – Effortlessly!

Connect employees to each other, to the company purpose and goals. Now every employee can focus on their contribution to the whole.

Say goodbye to complex goal setting. With Zummit, setting and achieving ambitious goals is doable for every employee.

The straightforward method, easy-to-use software and rich in-app support features, plus our team of customer success experts, enable your team to accomplish much more in less time. In Record Time.

So you create enthusiastic and highly engaged employees who work together to achieve ambitious goals. Effortlessly


Every employee knows exactly where we stand in relation to our goals and what contribution he will make in the coming weeks. Mutual involvement has increased even further. The strong focus on action and progress has substantially and permanently improved our results.

Arjen Hartlief, Manager CAD Services

We are very satisfied with working with Zummit. It helps us enormously in realizing our annual plan.

Maarten Klapwijk, Managing director at DeZorgCentrale.nl

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