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| 29-07-2020

Every employee knows exactly where we stand in relation to our goals and what contribution he will make in the coming weeks. Mutual involvement has increased even further. The strong focus on action and progress has substantially and permanently improved our results.

Arjen Hartlief, Manager CAD Services

CAD Services boosts business results with Zummit

“Each employee exactly knows where we stand in relation to our goals and what contribution he/she will make in the coming weeks. Employee engagement and team spirit have increased even more. The strong focus on action and progress has significantly and permanently improved our results.” (Arjen Hartlief, manager of CAD Services)


CSN Group

CSN Group has been active in the Dutch IT market since 1991. With smart IT services, experienced IT consultants and robust technology, more than 1,500 wonderful businesses take care of themselves.

“Our start in 1991 was special,” says Mathijs Bakker, Managing Director of CSN Group. “I was head of the CAD division when the company I worked for was in dire straits. The CAD division was in danger of being disposed of. At that point, the plan came up to buy the division myself. I was sitting in the car thinking: ‘That is a good plan, but how will I ever manage it?

Mathijs asked his colleagues if they wanted to join him, and without exception they all said yes. On weekends, Matthijs’ children played in the building while he wrote proposals. During the week he did not have time for that; then he had to sell. He smiles, “It was a bizarre but fun and valuable time.”

CAD Services is a subsidiary of CSN Group and focuses on the manufacturing industry. The company consults, distributes and implements intelligent solutions and robust software for process optimization, product development and reducing time-to-market.

As a value added reseller and Certified Integrator, CAD Services is one of the largest partners of the American software provider PTC in the Benelux. The portfolio consists of enterprise solutions for CAD, PDM/PLM, IoT and Augmented Reality.


Transformation challenges

Arjen Hartlief, manager of CAD Services: ” In recent years, the manufacturing industry has changed rapidly: Industry 4.0 is becoming more and more important. With this, necessary challenges arise for us.

Increasing need for consulting

The rise of The Internet of Things brings many application possibilities. Customers therefore have a greater need for consulting. This requires us to invest heavily in knowledge.

Changing the revenue model

Our partner PTC has a strong position in Industry 4.0 and has a strong focus on cloud software. Our supplier’s new offering has a completely different margin structure than what we were used to for years. This is changing our business model.

Remaining relevant

We saw a risk of becoming less relevant to our customers. That is why we declared 2019 the year of transition. We have strengthened our team with a number of experienced people.



We met with Zummit in the closing of 2019. We were impressed by their practical approach to strategy execution and the idea of an app connected our distributed teams. In January 2020 we decided to launch with Zummit.


Clear goals

In a short series of workshops with all teams, we set specific goals for 2020. We have a clear goal for customer experience and specific growth targets for our solutions Product Lifecycle Management and Augmented Reality. These goals are now clear to everyone in the Zummit app. They provide clear direction for the teams.


Short term initiatives

The teams translate these goals into short-term initiatives. This is something we had never done before. Team members are asked to specifically name the tasks they will work on in the coming time to contribute to the goals. In addition, we are now translating these initiatives into specific actions. This increases our focus and team member engagement.


Weekly check-ins

We have started weekly stand-ups. Team members use the Zummit app to keep each other updated on their progress. During the weekly check-in, they use the app to discuss the status of their initiatives and make agreements about their contribution in the coming weeks. Everyone participates and makes their contribution.


Highly improved teamwork, great results

“The results of working with Zummit six months after launch speak for themselves: much better results, highly improved teamwork, much better connectivity. Halfway through the year, we had already reached some of our annual goals. We adjusted the goals upward. Our weekly stand-up has increased the engagement of all employees tremendously. The combination of a clear structure and an app that keeps us on track has proven to be spot on,” says Bakker, CEO of CSN Group.

Arjen Hartlief adds: “We make progress every week and everyone sees the result of their contribution.

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