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Innovative solutions for purpose driven disruptors

Our world is changing at an increasing speed.

Your customers demand their vendors to anticipate on their changing needs. And they change faster than ever before.

This requires agility. Your organisation needs to demonstrate swiftness in adapting to the changing marketplace.

To get to the desired level of agility you need an engaged and well connected workforce. 

That is what we call a Connected Company™, an agile organization of teams of engaged employees that collaborate effectively to achieve ambitions and anticipate on the changing needs of customers.

Zummit develops effective tools and services to help you build and run your Connected Company™.

Robbert Bouman
Customers & Partners, Founder
Linda Zwerus
Finance (co-founder)
Erik v.d. Meijden
Sparring Partner & Investeerder
Piet van Vugt
Sparring Partner & Investeerder
René de Graaf
Freek Punt
Lead Developer


We show dedication in everything we do. We are dedicated to the success an progress of our customers. We are dedicated to the quality and effectiveness of our products and services. We are are dedicated in maintaining enjoyable relations with our customers, partners and employees.


We are fully accountable for our actions and commitments. Individually and as a team. We develop solid solutions for serious business challenges. Therefore we also require full accountability from our business partners.


We believe in the beauty of diversity, of opposite opinions, of debate. By sharing our thoughts and experiences, by listening thoughtfully and working together with customers, partners and coworkers, we can accomplish great things. And we all grow along the way.


As human beings, we have been designed to connect and collaborate. We believe in the immens potential of connecting people with purpose, ambitions, eachother, partners and customers.



We are inquisitive and continuously looking for better ways to help people connect and collaborate to achieve ambitions and delight customers. We invest heavily in innovation. We share our findings so we can Get There Together.

Giving back

We feel responsible to contributing to a better world. We contribute a portion of our time and proceeds to the community. We are a partner in 1%Pledge. 

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Build your Connected Company™, deliver great performance with engaged employees, achieve ambitions and anticipate on the changing needs over your customers.