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Customer needs are evolving faster than ever before. New competitors are trying to trump your value proposition.

To stay relevant in this volatile world, you need an agile and engaged workforce. You need to be very connected to your customers, sense and anticipate on their changing needs. This requires a well-connected network of highly engaged employees. That is what we call a Connected Company®.

Zummit enables people in purpose driven companies to achieve ambitious business goals together and to anticipate on changing customer needs. With our app, everyone can participate and contribute, people grow, and everything grows.

We believe that a well-connected network of teams – a Connected Company® – runs smoothly. It motivates employees to perform at their best, improves customer satisfaction and delivers significantly better performance.

We help purpose driven organisations solve the following challenges:

Clear identity, clear heading

Employees and all other stakeholders appreciate clarity: Why are we here? What do we need to achieve? Your organisation benefits from a clear identity, compelling core values, a clear picture of success. A strategy that leads you to the desired future state of the organisation. Zummit helps you to capture this picture so your employees can identify and engage with the mission. Even more: this clarity is a prerequisite for growing autonomy and agility in the organisation..

Great execution

Clarity in where you organisation is heading, is a very good start. But how do you get there? How do you achieve long-term goals? And how do you engage all employees? Zummit enables you to create and capture a comprehensive action plan that aligns day-to-day activities in every part of the organisation with the long-term goals. With Zummit, every single employee is able to contribute so that time and talent are leveraged, goals are achieved, and people grow. But our world is changing at an ever-increasing rate. How do you win tomorrow, and the day after tomorrow? Zummit enables you to tap into the wisdom of the crowd by activating the sensoring capabilities of your workforce. The app will trigger your people to look around and share what they are sensing, discuss these signals in team check-ins, and follow up on them, perhaps through experiments. This greatly improves your business agility and enables you to stay relevant and in performance and winning mode.

Skilled for Success

In a changing world, your skills today will usually not be enough to achieve your picture of success in the long run. So how do you ensure your organisation has the skills it needs to deliver tomorrow’s results? Zummit’s Performance Enablement solution brings strategy execution and performance management together, the way it was always meant to be. Zummit enables you to better align business goals and initiatives with the skills and ambitions of your workforce, significantly improving employee engagement, retention and business execution.

Productive workforce

Many employees are so overwhelmed with all the tools available that new applications seem to lower productivity. How can you tap into all the resources available in the company? Zummit allows you to tap into time and talent by connecting your employees’ activities to team initiatives and business goals. Our software integrates easily with your current collaboration tools like Microsoft Teams or Slack and makes it simple and easy to deploy. Add Skills, so your employees can develop and grow. Build an engaged, skilled and productive workforce with Zummit.

Connected Company®

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Our Core Values

Kings in commitment

Declaring yourself a king might sound a bit awkward. But we will do whatever is in our power to deliver to our promise of Ever Improving Performance for you. We work relentlessly to improve and grow the value of our products. We are committed to quality relations with customers, partners and employees. We commit, connect and collaborate for your success.

Fueled by feedback

We are "Fueled by Feedback". We invest a lot of time listening to our users and the partners that accompany them. This way, we learn and better understand what you are trying to achieve, and how we can help you get there faster and easier.

Together we move mountains

We believe in the power of differences, in our qualities and talents. That is why we embrace diversity. Everyone has an idea, and every opinion counts. We spend a lot of time in dialogue with our colleagues, customers, and partners to create outstanding customer success. Together we make it happen. Together we move mountains.

Curiosity drives us

Our world is changing at an ever-increasing rate. That is why we are questioning, exploring and study other markets and industries. Zummit tries to sense change and new technologies. We always challenge ourselves to find better ways to serve our customers.

You are part of We

Co-creation sits in our DNA. We are an office without walls. We share what we discover, and together we can move forward. We connect our customers and partners so we can learn from each other. Our roadmap is public and open to suggestions, and so is our brainstorm board, join, contribute and grow.

We give back

"Giving starts the receiving process" (Jim Rohn). As a member of the 1% Pledge community we give back a percentage of our time and proceeds to charity.


Robbert Bouman

Founder & CEO


Ubay Mahfouz

Product Development


Freek Punt

Product Development


Stijn Janssen

Customer Success & Product


Linda Zwerus

Finance & Operations


Elisa Hof

Digital Marketing



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Erik van der Meijden

Informal Investor


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Informal Investor


René de Graaf

Informal Investor

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Every employee knows exactly where we stand in relation to our goals and what contribution he will make in the coming weeks. Mutual involvement has increased even further. The strong focus on action and progress has substantially and permanently improved our results.

Arjen Hartlief, Manager CAD Services

We are very satisfied with working with Zummit. It helps us enormously in realizing our annual plan.

Maarten Klapwijk, Managing director at DeZorgCentrale.nl

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