The connected company

A Connected Company, that is our definition for any organization that excells in connectedness.

They operate with a network of highly autonomous teams. They execute their plans very well and achieve their goals. They sense their marketplace in a structural fashion. They identify opportunities for improvement, share ideas and run experiments.

A Connected Company atrracts customers and talented employees easily..


Every employee contributes to the whole.

Adopt Zummit and align company purpose, ambitions and values to short term result and behavioural agreements. Grow clarity and engagement.

Measure progress. Keep eachother on the same page. Share and receive feedback. Ask for and provide support. All in the blink of an eye.

On top of that, Zummit will help you capture what’s cooking in your marketplace and turn that into business imprrovement through ideation and experiments.

Every single employee contributes to the team

Focus, Act, Monitor, Learn

Easily align your company Purpose, Ambitions and Values to result and behavioural agreements with each individual employee.

Get every coworker aligned and engaged. Enable him to check progress, update coworkers, provide and receive feedback.

Get Goals achieved Together.

Sense, Ideate, Experiment, Learn

Sens what’s cooking in your marketplace.

Enable coworkers to easily share what they sense, share and form ideas and perhaps define experiments to improve your business.


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Create clarity by exploding goals into result and behavioural agreements in order to make everybodies’ contribution crysp and clear.

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Enable employees to deliver their contribution to the team Goals, share their feedback and perhaps ask for or provide help in order to achieve the Goals together.

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Measure and track progress versus goals so every employee is on the same page.

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Learn from your experiments in order to discover what improvements you can deploy and scale-up.

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Capture signals in your marketplace or even inside your company and share them with your coworkers to potentially find opportunities for improvement.

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Share ideas on poential improvements in any aspect of your business in order to grow engagement and improve your operation.

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Define and track experiments to improve your business.

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Share and receive feedback on results and behaviour, learn and nurture a great culture.

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communicate & celebrate

Employees share their progress, see what’s cooking on their “feed” and potentially comment on eachothers posts. Progress is celebrated.

Secure, Scaleable, Seamless integrations

Zummit runs on the leading and well established Salesforce platform.

Zummit is a 100% cloud solution.

Our product is available through the Salesforce Appexchange, world’s largest online marketplace for business apps.

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Build your Connected Company™, deliver great performance with engaged employees, achieve ambitions and anticipate on the changing needs over your customers.