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Connect your workforce's daily activity to the long term company goals and achieve great outcomes.

Execute on goals

Excel in running the business. Capture your Why. Set clear long term company goals. Choose highly effective KPI's. Invite your teams to drive initiatives. Invite team members to commit to…

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Anticipate on Change

In a world changing faster than ever before, you need to anticipate to change. Build a culture of curiosity to excel in "Changing the Business". Zummit will enable you to…

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Purpose & Values

Develop magnetism to great employees and customers with a compelling company purpose and core values.


Set clear goals and Key Performance Indicators to have a clear and common picture on the company destination.


Decide on the cycle of goalsetting, reviews and team check-ins to drive a solid rhythm of performance in your organisation.


Invite teams to drive initiatives that contribute to the goals and kpi's to build a strong action orientation.


Team members agree on their contribution to their team's initiatives. They grow a culture of accountability.


Bring strategy to action. Manage your time and tasks to deliver your contribution as planned. The smart and friendly Sherpa assists you.


Invite your contributors to sense what's changing and share their ideas for follow-up.


Team members share ideas, discuss and celebrate progress, decide on next best actions. Enjoy highly effective meetings.


Meet Sherpa, your smartest guide, ever. He will share suggestions and best practices, help you set goals, and run effective meetings. Enjoy a superb way to get more done in less time.


Track progress of any goal or initiative on your timeline. Share your comments and feedback directly in the app. No more lengthy email threads, all communication sits well archived in Zummit.

Integrate with your favorite tools

Zummit easily connects with your favorite tools like for for instance Microsoft Teams and Slack.


Track and drive progress with visual dashboards. Design and build your own reports if you like.


Every employee knows exactly where we stand in relation to our goals and what contribution he will make in the coming weeks. Mutual involvement has increased even further. The strong focus on action and progress has substantially and permanently improved our results.

Arjen Hartlief, Manager CAD Services

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Runs on Salesforce - available to all

Benefit from trusted innovators

Zummit's solution runs on Salesforce, the leading cloud software player. Enjoy high security, availability, scaleability and easy integration with your business applications. Zummit is an ISV partner to Salesforce and the Zummit app is listed on the Salesforce Appexchange, worlds largest marketplace for business to business cloud software.

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