Execute ánd Anticipate

| 16-07-2020

To excel in execution ánd to anticipate to change

This is the challenge for any organisation operation in a world that is changing at an ever increasing speed: combining running the business and innovating the business.

Robbert Bouman, Zummit’s founder, architected the double loop as one of the key design principles for the App.

Plan – Do – Check – Learn

The loop below Plan – Do – Check – Learn handles business execution. “Running the business”. Setting your company “Why”. Capturing long term objectives. Determining Key Performance Indicators. Inviting teams to run initiatives. Challenging team members to commit to their contribution, both in behaviour as well as tangibles. And enabling team members to deliver their contribution in time. Checking-in regularly to discuss progress.

Many business execution methods today, like for instance OKR’s, 4DX and Scaling-up are focused on the lower part of the loop. But in a world that is changing so quickly, you definitely need more.

Sense – Ideate – Experiment – Learn

In the upper part of the loop you find Sense – Ideate – Experiment – Learn. This cycle is all about sensing change and dealing with it. “Changing the business”. Zummit triggers employees to sense change and act on it. Team members share and discuss their ideas and follow up on them.

Execute ánd Anticipate

The Zummit App enables people to collaborate online to achieven ambitious goals ánd anticipate on change. The App is their navigation system, telling them where they now, where they are heading and inviting them to contribute. People engage, encourage eachochter, reach out for support, provide assistance where they can, share ideas. Zummit is not about what we expect from eachother but on how we can work together. Together we can move mountains.

This is what Getting There Together means according to Zummit.

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