Connected Company®

| 06-08-2020

“You can’t be on the outside what you aren’t on the inside”

In a world that is changing at an ever increasing speed you need to be highly focused on meeting customers needs. Meeting these faster than ever changing needs requires a very well connected and agile operation of highly engaged employees. In other words: “You can’t be on the outside what you aren’t on the inside”.

Zummit’s founder, Robbert Bouman, has spent his career from 1993 onwards working in commercial and leadership roles at leading brands in the technology sector. From his early days he developed a fascination in strategy, both in architecting it as well as in executing it.

“Small is Great”

He came to find that growing companies tend to loose the qualities that led to their growth in the first place. A growing company size appears to lead to deterioration. “Small is Great”. Hij designed a method through which larger organization would behave “smaller” to serve their customers in a more intimate fashion, providing them with great experiences.

If you want to win outside, start inside

In 2008 Robbert founded his first company to enable fastgrowing and larger organisations to excel in customer experience. His first assignment eventually led him to an invitation from one of Holland’s most innovative accountancy and advisory firms. Bouman was invited to lead their transformation as the company CEO. In leading the transformation he experienced at first hand the importance of an agile organisation of well informed and highly engaged employees.

He explored various methods and tools but found none suitable for combining both strategy execution ánd permanent innovation. This is wat drove him to designing his own vision on the challenge.


In 2017 Bouman founded Zummit together with Linda Zwerus. Their aim: to develop great tech enabling people in forward moving organisations to achieve ambitious goals ánd anctipate on changing customer needs. They chose Salesforce to become their platform partner for their scaleability, security, global ecosystem and their vision. Robbert found additional investment to build the company via informal investors Erik van der Meijden (former CEO of Exact Software), Piet van Vugt (serial software entrepreneur and former CEO of Pink Elephant) and René de Graaf (CEO and owner of a roofing contractor).

Every Company a Connected Company®

This is the mission of the Zummit team: Every Company A Connected Company®.

Robbert explains: “An organisation that is run as a Connected Company® is always relevant to her customers. A Connected Company® is strongly connected to its customers and their changing needs. They anticipate to those changes with a very well connected and agile organisation of highly engaged employees. To put it shortly: engaged and enabled employees drive great experiences and highly engaged customers.”

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