Three principles to stay on track

Uncategorized | 27-01-2021

Execute your plan and achieve your goals

The first months of the new year are almost there. Have you started working on a plan for your teams? And are you well prepared to execute the plan and stay on track?

Stay Alert! The issues of the day will begin to eat away at your plan from day one …


The FranklinCovey Institute identifies four main barriers to achieving organisational goals:

  1. Managers and teams do not know the goals.
  2. Managers and teams do not know what it takes to achieve the goal, they do not know the critical activities, the leverage points.
  3. The best predictors of results (leading indicators) are not measured.
  4. Progress is not discussed frequently or sufficiently.


You will likely recognise them. How prepared are you to avoid these pitfalls?

Here are three principles guaranteed to help you realise your team ambitions:


1. Clarity

Fact: Only 15% of employees know their most important goals.

What to do next? Limit yourself. Two to three clear ambitions are more than enough. This is how you mobilise the power of focus. Describe the annual goals vividly. What will customers and employees see and experience if you realise the goal?

Reduce annual goals to quarterly goals. Challenge teams to translate those quarterly goals into a team plan. Challenge each team to translate their plan into specific activities for the next few weeks.


2. Ownership

Fact: More than 80% of plans are not implemented.

Breaking it down into small steps and assigning ownership is essential.

Also, a team plan is more than a list of short-term team goals. Make cooperative behaviour a part of team plans.

Ask teams to reach agreements on the behaviours needed to realise team goals.

Make company goals, team plans, and progress visible to each employee. Help each employee to make his or her contribution visible to the whole.


3. Rhythm

Fact: Teams spend too little time discussing progress in concrete terms.

Bring rhythm to your organisation, like a heartbeat, an ongoing dialogue about ambitions, behaviours, and progress.

How? Make sure everyone:

  • Learns about the organisation’s progress every quarter;
  • Talks to each other monthly about the progress of their team(s);
  • Checks in weekly with their team to discuss their own contribution and progress overall;
  • Can track his/her own progress on a daily basis.

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